Hello and welcome to Boosed! 

Where we get Supernatural & Shitfaced.

Boosed Podcast is a paranormal, comedy podcast hosted by Camille & Sydnee.

The show features the hosts, and occasionally a guest, telling stories of the paranormal and the supernatural while getting 3 ghost sheets to the wind.

New episodes are released bi-weekly on Thursdays and are available on all major podcast platforms.



Camille is an actor with a talent for ruining social interactions with her knowledge of the paranormal, cults, and serial killers.

Between episodes and auditions, she can be found reading, crocheting, or watching her stories.

Personal Heroes include: Maxine "Maverick" Shaw, Dorothy Zbornak, and April Ludgate.


Sydnee wants to live in a world filled with quality sound, quality drinks, and quality people. 

As a sound mixer with 8 years of experience, she's done audio for the NFL, BRAVO, and HGTV, as well as, branded content for Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and We Work.

When she's not recording sound she's cooking every meal on Pinterest, playing animal Crossing New Horizons, or sleeping.

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