#GetBoosed Merch!

Someone stopped being lazy and got the merch store open!! HUZZAH!

Head over to to browse and buy a selection of Boosed items.

Now, a special note, hosting fees are expensive, so we are only allowed 5 items and 1 photo per item at this time. So, check out the photos below for multiple views of the available merchandise.

First up, a classic Boosed Logo Mug

Next is a special treat for all of those Brown Liquor Ladies. And don't fret, you can be a gentleman or a friend beyond the binary to enjoy this mug as well!

There is also apparel like this Boosed logo hoodie, just in time for sweater weather!

And this Boosed logo shirt, with the show hashtag on the sleeve.

It comes in 4 other colors:

Aqua, Heather Raspberry, Ash, and Kelly

And finally, a large tote to carry your drinks and ghost hunting gear! You can choose a red handle or a black handle, and check out the design on the interior pocket!

RIGHT NOW, for our birthday celebration, you can get $5.00 off your order by using code: BOOSEDBDAY. The offer is good only until October 10, 2020


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