Happy Boosed-iversary

The traditional gift for a year anniversary is paper but since I can't mail every one of you a hand written Thank You note, this blog post will have to suffice.


Fun Fact: The concept for Boosed is almost a whole year older than the first episode release!

When I first embarked on this journey I had less than zero idea of what I was doing. Thanks to the

A photo of an table at a coffee shop. THere is an iPad, a notebook, and assorted cups and plates on the table.
Our First Production Meeting

wonderful Sydnee telling me what to do, I was able to start getting our equipment together.

We recorded our first episode on March 2, 2019 with guest Gloria and Morgana (It Runs in the Family) and after the last drink was enjoyed I knew we had something special.

A lot has changed since that first recording session and now, over a year later, we will be embarking on some changes that will ensure the show can continue on it's mission of bringing some drunken, spooky fun into your life.

So, thank you again for being a part of our family. We hope you will continue to join us on this haunted hay ride! Take care of yourselves and each other. And don't forget, #GetBoosed!

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