The Haunting on 29th Street

What do you feel when you think of home? At their best, homes are places of comfort, love, warmth, and family. We've been told that "There's no place like home.", "Home is where the heart is.", and "It's so good to be home." Homes are a part of our identities, providing the setting for some of our fondest memories, a sense of pride, and are the place where we feel most comfortable and safe.

So what happens when that place we call home holds more than we bargained for?

We've heard stories of a haunted family home before (The House on Lombardi Street, A Whaley of a Tale) and even tales of the supernatural moving through generations (It Runs in the Family) but you have never heard anything like Aaron's story. When Aaron and I started recording a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure he'd end up telling me a spooky, but mostly predictable story about the time spent in his grandparent's Milwaukee home. But with each story (yes, there's more than one) I felt a chill run through me and my jaw remained clenched in anxious anticipation. Had I been drinking during the recording, I would have certainly been sobered by the tale.

And while Aaron's lived experience may make for a great spooky story to accompany Halloween this week, it's a story of a home that is filled with so much more than the ghosts that haunt its rooms. It's about a holiday spent around the table with a loving family. Of running the halls with mischievous cousins. Of the hard times and heartbreaks that bring us together under one roof. It's a story of acceptance. And ultimately, a story about the gifts that those who love us leave behind.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode: The Haunting on 29th Street


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