The Hills Are Out There

I've always enjoyed staring up into the night sky. Gazing at the stars amidst the darkness provides me with a sense of magic, wonder, and hope. I've only once spotted something amongst the blue-black landscape; a shooting star. At least that's what I believed it to be, but what if it was something else. Something more.

Barney and Betty Hill didn't think much of the bright object they saw in the sky in September of 1961. It was dismissed as a satellite gone rogue or perhaps a shooting star. That was until it started moving in peculiar patterns and even appeared to be following them as they drove down the dark roads of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Little did the Hills know that the night's sky would change their lives and the world forever.

Listen to this week's episode, The Hills Are Out There, to learn about the alien abduction that has defined our ideas of close encounters.

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